I’ve been to panels and networking events recently that have all reiterated the importance of making yourself indispensable.  When you’re first starting out as a Writer, if you’re me, or an Actor, if you’re someone else, it is hard to get anyone to pay you.  So, the advice states, work for free and never say “that’s not my job.”

When I think back to the times in my life where I have told someone “that’s not my job” I don’t have to dig very far.  But that can be attributed to the fact that thus far I have been a career Server.  I have been told to scrub frozen grease off a gate in minus 10 degree weather, to continue serving customers who are stranded under a lone umbrella in a torrential downpour, and to defrost the ice that accumulates on sub-zero taps (that last one turned out to be an oh-so-clever rouse to get me to jerk off the tap – oh what fun boys are).  That’s not my job.

What is my job?  It’s to be a storyteller.  To show up everyday and commit to putting fingers to keyboard.  It is to defend a character, share an insight, make a reader laugh.  It is also to stand up for what’s right, be a champion for equality, and to give a microphone to those whose voices aren’t being heard.  Devotion, integrity, perseverance, and passion.  That is my job. And that’s what makes me indispensable.  Well, that, AND I’m insanely talented.  And we can’t forget humble.